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Flag Pole Weight Anchors

Flag Pole Weight Anchors

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Introducing the Flag Pole Weight Anchors

The all-new Flag Pole Weight Anchors from DSI are designed to lock your carriage bolts securely inside your flag pole so they don’t fly out when you spin and don’t clank against the inside of the pole when you catch the flag.


Designed for use with 7/16″ thread carriage bolts (sold separately).

Each anchor weighs 0.70 oz.

Suggested Retail:  $9.95 per set of 2


Step 1:

Insert the Flag Pole Weight Anchors into each end of the flag pole.
(You may need to put the anchor on the carriage bolt prior to inserting it into the pole)


Step 2:

Screw your carriage bolt into the Flag Pole Weight Anchor. To add more weight simply use a longer carriage bolt.


Step 3:

Your carriage bolts stay securely inside the flag pole and will not fly out or clank in the pole.


Don’t Forget The Carriage Bolts

These 7/16″ thread carriage bolts are available in four sizes:


  • 1.5″  (adds 1.35 oz.)
  • 2″ (adds 1.60 oz.)
  • 3″  (adds 2.10 oz.)
  • 4″  (adds 2.60 oz.)
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