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Grip Factor Gloves from Styleplus

Grip Factor Gloves from Styleplus

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Weight: 2.0 lb
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Innovation is the word used to describe our newest creation Grip Factor. We have taken years of comments and suggestions and put it all into one glove. One of the key features of the Grip Factor is our cool/dry durable spandex mesh on the back of the glove so your hands will stay cool and dry because moisture simply evaporates. No need to spend time airing out your gloves. Another new feature is the PVC dotted palm that actually grips your equipment and gives you better control and more confidence. You still get our signature padded foam placement pads in key areas of your hand. The Grip Factor is truly one of the most comfortable guard gloves on the market.

  • Durable cool/dry spandex mesh back.
  • EVA foam padding.
  • PVC dotted synthetic micro suede.
  • Lack of wristband allows for larger range of motion.
  • Double snap wrist fastener for a secure fit.
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